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Emily and Zack danced the night away at Eagles Nest Country Club

Updated: Mar 5, 2020


The couple:

I first met Zack and Emily while DJing a wedding at Gramercy Mansion. It was about an hour into dancing when I see this young couple leading a conga line through the courtyard under the cafe lights. They both were requesting songs throughout the night and we instantly jived! I had never seen such an outgoing couple, they were the life of the party. By the end of the night we were discussing their engagement and soon to be wedding. A couple weeks later we kicked off planning. It was truly a pleasure helping plan their wedding since music and dancing was a very important aspect of their relationship. I knew from the first meeting that their wedding was going to be a dance party and it lived up to all expectations!

The ceremony:

September 2nd 2018 finally rolled around and it felt like the hottest day of the year, yet it was only 84 degrees but the sun was at the right angle to heat up the ceremony site. Both Zack and Emily loved the "The Greatest Showman" and they wanted to incorporate the music from the movie into their ceremony. Rewrite the stars and A million dreams (The Greatest Showman) covered by The Piano Guys played over the courtyard as guests waited and parents were escorted to their seats. If you enjoyed The Greatest Showman's sound track be sure to click on the songs above to hear these covers. Once the parents were seated Zack watched with bated breath as Emily walked down the aisle with her dad to A thousand years by the Piano Guys. After their vows both Zack and Emily walked back down the aisle as husband and wife to Marry Me by Bruno Mars.

Special Dances:

After I introduced the bridal party, Zack and Emily went straight into their first dance with the bridal party as their. backdrop. They danced to Say you won't let go by James Arthur. Zack ended the song with a perfect dip (Pictured above). Later on that evening Zack and his mother shared their mother son dance to a custom mix I helped put together for them. They had choreographed moves to each beat and it was amazing to see them put that on display at his wedding!

It's time to party!

Did I mention their guests or the playlist? Zack and Emily gave me some of the most diverse song selections that I have had in quite some time. From Hunter Hayes to the Spice Girls and then when the party really started to kick off we were rocking out to Avicii and Marshmello! Their guests were rolling with every change in genre and dance set.

Some of my favorite songs they requested:

Marshmellow - Alone

Blink-182 - The Rock Show

Hunter Hayes - Wanted

Avicii - Levels

Their wedding was an absolute blast and I am honored to have been their Wedding DJ. This wedding is the perfect example how important is for me to get to know the couple better so that the music fits the atmosphere they are trying to create for their wedding day. They made my job easy and their guests helped make the photographers job easy too.

Planner: Amy Rusek of ENCC

Hair, Makeup and Spray Tan: Posh Hair Studio

What the couple had to say about me:

"The best, hands down

Andy walked us through the entire process and helped out with so much more than we anticipated from a DJ. He had a great perspective on just about everything on our itinerary which helped us get the most out of the ceremony and reception. Not only did he follow the playlist we uploaded, but had solid transitions between songs and made the dance floor a hit (the light show was well worth the extra money!). He even noticed that our venue was falling behind serving dinner and got them to extend the reception 30 minutes. We would have never thought to ask without him - we can't recommend highly enough!"

-Emily and Zack

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